Qualifying Criteria

– all information given are subjected to standardised confidentiality:

  1. Annual Sales turnover of not more than $400 million
  2. Businesses must be run or owned by a locally registered private limited company
  3. Provide evidential proof of annual business positioning such as:
    • Gross Turnover
    • Growth in Turnover
    • Growth in Operating Profits
    • Operating Profit Before Tax
    • Company Annual Reports
    • Return on Equity
  4. Provide qualitative factors of business such as:
    • Business Model
    • Productivity and Innovation
    • Management Practices
    • Management Initiatives
    • Operational Initiatives
    • Departmental divisions
  5. Business must have significant annual figures of growth and development

Entry requirements

– all documents or information before submission are not to be tampered with or be misrepresented in any sort of way:

  1. A copy of a duly completed and signed contract
  2. Immediate cheque payment upon registration
  3. Brochures, company guide or any other supporting materials
  4. A brief write-up on company’s history, primary and/or secondary business activities being offered
  5. Soft copy of company’s latest logo
    1. in JPEG-high-resolution format
    2. AI format, full colour
  6. Soft copy of photos/images of company’s products and/or services
    1. in JPEG-high-resolution format
    2. AI format, full colour
  7. The Chinese version of company logo (if any)
Please note that all submissions and supporting documents are to be written in solely English language.