The Straits Times

SINGAPORE – Have you ever observed a leader with his or her staff and wondered how the employees could stand working for that boss?

There may be many kinds of bad bosses, but one that really seems offensive to many of us is power-hungry leaders.

These leaders do not share leadership or power with their employees, but instead try to keep all the power of their positions for themselves.

They see power as a fixed sum – if one person has more, then others have less.

Most of us can easily identify what shared power looks like and certainly we know when it doesn’t exist.

It takes only one example to see how a boss either shares his or her power or hoards it.

Perhaps the leader gives a talk and constantly mentions his or her own accomplishments without highlighting the staff sitting in the audience who were the ones who really did the work.

Just the use of the word “we” versus “I” can be quite telling when it comes to identifying who shares leadership.

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