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“An exclusive award for businesses recognised for excelling in their farsighted management, adherence to equality, and superior business strategies.”

Winning the Singapore Prestige Class Awards 2021/2022 is more than just associating another award title with your brand name. Showcasing only the best of the cream of the crop in Singapore’s business community, this award is given only to businesses that have transcended all expectations to emerge as exceptionally successful entities. As a remarkable success story, each and every one of the award winners is no doubt an inspiration to an unlimited community of the corporate world.

With the goal of fostering a powerful culture of high performance businesses, Singapore Prestige Class Awards is an eminent label that allows award winners to take their businesses a huge leap forward. It recognises and endorses the contributions of these entrepreneurs in spearheading the corporate community to leverage on risks, discover new markets and presenting new opportunities for its customers, and showcases it to the world through its specially curated marketing efforts to take the business’ branding a few notches higher. With our distinguished, constructive and all-rounded advertising and branding schemes, we are confident of elevating and garnishing our award winners’ corporate profile.

We take pride in drafting the most meticulous branding and marketing content that takes company hallmarks up another level, and which are certain to solidify the connection between brand names and target customer groups. With the end goal of preparing businesses for the increasingly competitive market environment in mind, the Singapore Prestige Class Awards is bound to allow businesses to take flight and establish sustainable practices within the business arena.

To select the cream of the crop for this initiative, which we hope to positively impact the business community with, we will look out for ways in which entrepreneurs have led the business community to leverage on risks, discovered new markets and made breakthroughs in making a difference in the lives of customers. An accolade that celebrates true entrepreneurship no less, the Singapore Entrepreneur Award reflects budding entrepreneurs’ unwavering zeal in investing in products and services that continue to shape the business landscape. En route to empowering companies since day one, Singapore Prestige Class Awards continues to heighten deserving companies’ international standing through laudable honours at every step of the way.

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Singapore Prestige Class Awards puts your business in the limelight like no other

A brand awareness strategy that propels your business faster, better

Do you know that branding is especially important in today’s business landscape? In this age, consumers choose a product or service not only based on the value or price, but also based on your ability to connect with the consumers and reaffirm them of your credibility in the market. What brand awareness can do for a brand is endless – beyond imprinting its positive image onto consumers’ minds, the brand can embed itself into people’s lifestyles. Your targeted consumers would not have to think twice before becoming your customer, again and again. Our award serves exactly this purpose – we reassure consumers of your business’ high-quality management and products and services and will definitely take your company’s image branding to the next level. We are confident that your business will be better positioned to stay competitive and thrive in contrasting business environments in this ever-changing economy.

Your contributions and achievements will be put under the spotlight on a highly accessible marketing platform made possible by Singapore Prestige Class Awards, opening up other doors of opportunities for your business. Winners will benefit from more prominent media exposure, improved relationship with clients and ultimately allow the company to be able to scale to greater heights with improved revenue.

Be part of an exclusive elite business community

This award is specially conceived for bold businesses that have pulled their weight to successfully cross unchartered waters, emerging stronger and tougher than before. In commemoration of their valour in taking the lead to take the path less travelled to experiment with the unknown, this award recognizes the prominence of them guiding the business community towards better services and products through their innovative business strategies.

Practicing the highest form of selectivity, this award also offers top exclusivity into the sphere of highly distinct businesses in Singapore. In each of their unique strategy to stand out from the rest, these businesses shine for different reasons and achievements, offering a glimpse into the array of extraordinary competitive edges in the business arena. Winning this award offers your business the exclusive chance to be part of the elite business community, and an irreplaceable opportunity for you to network your way through and build powerful connections across the industry. In the long run, you will be able to leverage on these connections to expand your businesses beyond the local market, across industries and expand your expertise.

Leverage on your business’ heightened market standing

Labelled as the forerunners and leaders of tomorrow’s business arena, these deserving entrepreneurs have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in spearheading their entire business team towards success. Recognised not only for their visionary management, they are also highly lauded for their praiseworthy ability to lead the company forward as a whole, setting new records in achieving targets alongside with the rest of the company. Awarded based on exceptional milestones in their corporate journey in contrast to their industry competitors, this honour immediately sieves out the high fliers in each industry.

In the light of your business’ impactful contributions, your business deserves this esteemed recognition to boost your reputation and market standing. Your corporate journey, milestones, and ways that your business has overcame all obstacles to reach where it stands today will be featured in a business publication on The Business Times, affirming its outstanding results with an outreach to a wide business community.

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Entry Requirements

Information on your company will be validated via Singapore Government portals and statutory boards. Some of the portals that may be used for validation of corporate information:

  • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore
  • Questnet – DP Information Group
  • Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE)

Awards Qualifying Criteria

– all information given are subjected to standardised confidentiality:

  1. Annual Sales turnover of not more than $400 million
  2. Businesses must be run or owned by a locally registered private limited company
  3. Provide evidential proof of annual business positioning such as:
  • Gross Turnover
  • Growth in Turnover
  • Growth in Operating Profits
  • Operating Profit Before Tax
  • Company Annual Reports
  • Return on Equity
  • Provide qualitative factors of business such as:
  • Business Model
  • Productivity and Innovation
  • Management Practices
  • Management Initiatives
  • Operational Initiatives
  • Departmental divisions
  1. Business must have significant annual figures of growth and development

Documents required

  1. A copy of a duly completed and signed contract
  2. Immediate cheque payment upon registration
  3. Brochures, company guide or any other supporting materials
  4. A brief write-up on company’s history, primary and/or secondary business activities being offered
  5. Soft copy of company’s latest logo (in JPEG-high-resolution format/AI format, full colour)
  6. Soft copy of photos/images of company’s products and/or services (in JPEG-high-resolution format/AI format, full colour)
  7. The Chinese version of company logo (if any)

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