1. Choose a professional—I repeat, professional—font that’s different from everyone else’s and use it for all of your work to brand yourself. People will be able to recognize your emails in Outlook without even looking at the sidebar. It’s like the perfume/cologne of the professional world, and helps people to associate something unique with your personality.

3. Create a professional email signature with your name and position (even if it is just “Intern”). Most organizations have a set email signature and expect all employees to use it, so make sure to copy and paste it directly from a coworker to maintain the organization’s brand.

4. Come early and stay late. Not only does it show that you’re punctual, but it shows that you’re dedicated to working extra hard. It’s important that your supervisor sees you’re willing to give more than what is expected of you.

5. As long as you can manage it, ask for additional work. It shows you’re eager to learn and give 110%. It will also help you to stand out from any other underlings.

6. Volunteer for every optional, professional opportunity your supervisor invites you to. If your supervisor asks if you’re willing to run an important errand or attend an after-work speaker or networking event, never pass it up. You never know how it might benefit you in the future, or who you could meet at the event!

7. Always remain even-tempered and well mannered, even when you are frustrated. Giving in to negative moods or making snide comments will bring you nothing but regret. Controlling all of your emotions and remaining positive is a must.

8. Smile, say “hello” and be equally polite to everyone—whether it’s the big boss or the janitor. Everyone is equally important in life, regardless of his or her specific title. If you show appreciation for everyone, you will see it in return and it could even help you when you are in need.

9.  Say “thank you” for every piece of work you receive. You may think you’re helping those you work for, but really they are offering YOU an opportunity to better yourself and it’s important to be grateful. Also, handwritten “thank you” notes are always a good idea and they will help others to remember you and your work!

10. Be genuine and always, always go an extra 10 miles rather than the extra one.

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